Wooless Wednesday: Meet B-Bird

March 17, 2010 · 3 comments

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Happy St. Patty’s day, critters!! In honor of the “green” day, I asked one of my cousins to step in for Wooless Wednesday and since B-Bird (aka Beep) is green, she’s a purr-fect guest! Hereeeeee’s Beep….!

/*Beep!!*/ Hi, I’m B-Bird. I will be 18 years old on May 15. I do as I please now, guess it is my age. If I do not want to be bothered, you best leave me alone. I am a Senegal parrot from the Poicephalus family. I am also known as a pocket parrot, I just love to hide under things including climbing down your shirt or up your pants….

B-Bird - A Poicephalus Parrot

See? I'm a toughy!

What’s your favorite treat? Carrots and spaghetti. My family says my love of carrots gave me my spectacular coloring!

Do you have a fave pastime, besides doing as you please? Eating and headrubs.

How about your favorite toy? Empty bottles on the floor – this was brought about by my sister, Jami (Woo’s note: That’s *my* mommy!!). Jami would roll the bottle along the floor at me, I proceeded to run and tackle it! I also push it along the floor like the bottle was a soccer ball. It’s called Beak-Ball in the birdy world. I’m a world champ!

Wanna share some other fun facts with Woo-readers?

I get in trouble when I grab other co-birdies. Mom has to fuss at me a bit.

I don’t say too much… I mainly say Baby B-Bird, but my sister Cope, not Copo, (you get corrected when you call her that) says many things, she carries on a conversation with my mom all the time. I listen but then I get tired and take a nap. Cope does not shut up for anything.

When I was little and my sister Jami lived with me, she would puff bits of air on me… Yup, I do not like when you blow on me! I think I got a complex thinking I had fleas and ticks from Jami. She would laugh at me because I would fluff up so big and start spinning around trying to get them off!!

I think my mom wants to say a few things now about the care of me and all my birdie friends.

Beep is a very special part of our family, she lives in a big, green cage in our dining room with many toys that she can tear up or just snuggle with. I am very picky with my birds, I love them so much. I clean their cages every day and make them a dish of people food every morning consisting of fresh vegetables and fruit, spaghetti, rice, and chicken n’ rice is one of their faves (LOL!). The Poicephalus parrot is not for the first time bird owner. They are expensive and do require a more experienced handler as they can cause a nasty bite if you do not know how to read their actions. I just love all birds!!!

Thanks cousin B-Bird, and my grandmomma-woo for sharing today. Be sure y’all wear your green! Well, I guess Beep is covered already- no one is gonna be pinching her today!!

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo


Copo March 17, 2010 at 4:15 pm

My older sister Beep is so beautiful, isn’t she? Thank you beautiful people sis also, Jami.
I love your article on Beep!! I love you. Cope

Gary September 2, 2014 at 12:30 pm

Yeah that about sums it up for Beep, her and Copo have an understanding Beep is the boss but Cope is mommas favorite. Beep is ok with that since she is happy just doing what she likes to do. She is great because she loves everybody not just mom!

Amazing Woo September 9, 2014 at 11:32 pm

Another reason Beep is great… She still loves to let me give her head rubs!! Copo is adorable too but Beep will always be my favorite girl!

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