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May 25, 2009

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Willie Woo (also known as Wooey Tunes, Amazing Woo, and just plain Woo) joined our family in March of 2008. He was a 3 month old mixed breed puppy who was rescued by St. Louis Stray Rescue.

Wille Woo's first day home

Meet Woo!

Why in the world does Woo need a blog? Well, no dog *needs* a blog- but sharing photographs, hilarity and knowledge is fun and useful. So here we are… gathered together in the good ole interweb.

Woo and his brothers, Sebastian and Galileo, literally crack me up daily. They keep me guessing and on my toes. Some might think me crazy for having 3 dogs- I just figure we each have our own definition of crazy.

In short… the Amazing Woo website documents my adventures in pet keeping. Stick around and learn (and laugh) about my Betta fishes, dogs, and a variety of other critters. I’ll be posting dog videos, photographs, pet care, funny anecdotes, and well, whatever comes to mind.


Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

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