Playing at the Falls

August 7, 2010

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My doggy friends and I (and yep, of course we had to take our peoples) went to play at the waterfall!

The Amazing Woo and Rori the dog take a break while hiking

Rori & I take a little break during the hike

A doggy outing - Hiking to the waterfalls

It's purdy, right?

We hiked and hiked, up trails, down slick muddy stones… and I must say, I helped pull my Momma along quite a bit. I was a bit leary of jumping into the water at first, but once I saw my friends Lea (a Doberman) and Rori (a Westie) splashin ’round, I was up for the challenge!

Lea the Doberman playing in a waterfall

Lea, the Doberman, playing in a waterfall

The Amazing Woo dog playing in the waterfall

Jumpin into the pool at the falls!

The end result? Jumpin’ and chasing each other through cold, mountain water; and lots of toweling off afterward!

Rori the Westie dog soggy after playing in the waterfall

Rori's all soggy after swimmin in the falls!

The Amazing Woo and Lea the dog playing on the waterfall's rocks

Lea n' I playing on the rocks at the Falls!

Then we headed back to the cabin for some much needed “plug into the recharger” time!

The Amazing Woo and his dog friend, Lowell, resting

Me and my pal Lowell resting after all the hikin!

I can’t wait to go again!!!

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

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