Ty’s Mom Runs a Marathon for Dog Rescue Charity

August 3, 2009

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My online pup pal Ty from Puppy on a Roomba, has a really sweet mommy (her name’s Carleen) who is running is some crazy thing called a marathon. But the good part is it’s all for charity! She’s trying to raise $600 to benefit PAWS Chicago.

Fundraiser for PAWS Chicago Marathon

Tailess Ty says…

“PAWS Chicago is a large no-kill animal shelter in the city of Chicago. So they help animals like the Molly (she’s Ty’s sister), who used to live in a shelter, get homes. PAWS also has a spay and neuter clinic and a feral cat spay and release program.”

Being a rescue pup myself, I can vouch for the fact that we all need a place to call our own. My mom says she’s very thankful for me and that she could gimme a good life (and lots of Nilla wafers… have y’all had those? They are some of the best doggie treats! And mommy eats them too, isn’t that kinda weird?). Anyhow, she’s a sucker for the charity stuff.


Can you resist Ty's begging? Donate now please!!

I’m hoping my fans and fellow Woo’ers out there will donate. Plus if you’re a blogger like me, or a business, and you donate $10 or more, Ty’s mommy has some REALLY cool ways that she’ll help promote your business and advertise. So you get some benefits too!

Here’s the links you need: Find out how to sponsor Ty’s mom in the upcoming PAWS Chicago Marathon -and- if you’re a blogger or business and interested in the promotion you get for your donations, visit Carleen’s Charity Fundraising page.

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

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