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Stay comfy my friends…

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

My bestie Sylvia is the toughest pooch I know – but even bad ass gals have their weaknesses. Sylvia’s is thunder. One boom and she’s splitsville to No Man’s Land. That usually means my momma & da find her Cave Doggin’ (which is the perfectly dog sized nook at the bottom of our linen closet). But today’s storms were so outrageous she went seeking a fortified bunker!

Sylvia hiding under the bed during a thunderstorm

Momma finally found her flattened and squished under the BED… She didn’t come out for HOURS.
I was SOOOooo durn bored without her around to pester! Maybe I’ll buy her some of those fancy, shmancy noise cancelin’ headphones for Christmas…

Any other pup pals out there go into hidey-hole mode during thunderboomers? Where’s your secret cave?

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo


Happy hedgie day, fellow four-paws!

Did ya know in most other parts of the Earth the 2-leggers call today Hedgehog Day?
But nooooo.
Not here in this USofA.

Long ago some nutballs in the Northeast decided to give all the fame and glory of weather predictin’ to a groundhog.
Named Phil.
Who names a groundhog Phil??? Poor dude. His parents must’ve hated him.

Well whatever his name is, he better make sure it warms up. I’m sick of this deep- Hoth-winter stuff!

Stay bionic y’all,

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

It’s Laundry Day!

August 9, 2014

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Who can resist the fresh, clean smell of laundry? Me!
I much prefer the laundry to smell like the wonderful scent of Woo!

So after my Momma did the laundry, I climbed right on in to make it smell more like… ME!
This is not the dog you are looking for...

Is that a dog in a laundry basket?

Don't look now, but there's a dog in the clean laundry

Who says a big-ish doggie can’t fit in a lil ole basket?!?
Will fit! Will Fit! WILL FIT!

So quit readin’, get out there, and make some laundry smell great!!!

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

Have ya heard that Furry Tale about the magical godmother who snazzies up her goddaughter for the big dance? The one where the mice get changed into prancing ponies and the pumpkin becomes a swanky carriage. All until midnight. Then they’re all zapped back to their normal selves. Something like that keeps happening at our home. My pal Weston and I turn all see-through right ’round midnight!

What’s that? You say you want proof?

Evidence Exhibit #1:
Caught on film: Weston the Dog becomes Weston the Ghost Labrador at midnight

Evidence Exhibit #2:
Caught on film: Woo the Dog becomes Woo the Amazing Ghost at midnight

My momma asked me to pass along some info about these photos to all you curious critters:

  • My momma caught these Twilight Zone events on her digital camera.
  • There was absolutely NO Photoshop jiggery pokery done to these photos. I promise on the stuffin’ of my favorite fuzzy duckie. And my momma promises too.
  • These photographs were taken on different days – about a month apart.  But on the nights that our ghost-selves made an appearance, my momma took more pictures less than a minute before and after… those photos came out 100% completely normal.
  • The odd-pics and the norm-pics were taken in the same room, same lighting, same camera, same settings on the camera. She said this “double exposure” (her words, not mine!) thingy only happens when us dogs are in the picture.

I tried to tell her it’s happening ‘cuz Casper moved in last Halloween and he hasn’t left yet… darn freeloader.

Until Capser moves out, I guess this is just one more way I can keep my humans entertained!  Hopefully no one thinks to get all cutesy and dress me up as a pumpkin or put glass slippers on Weston…

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo