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Wanna know one of my favorite pastimes during the day? Eating and snacking. Heck, yeah! I’m an easy doggy to please. So when I find some free sample sized packs of new pet treats or foods, I let out my standard “WOOOOOOO!” of excitement!

WySong has free samples of their brand-spankin’-new dog and cat food line “Epigen”. You get to choose two of your favorite flavors – from Chicken, Fish or Venison!

The Amazing Woo finds free samples of dog, cat, and pet foods

I admit I’ve got a crush on Rachael Ray’s pit bull, Isaboo. So I’m certainly up for trying out her Nutrish dog food. Hmm… I wonder if it’s got EVOO?

If you’re a lucky dog who is a Sam’s Club member, you can snap up a sample of Purina ONE dog food.

I know I’m not the only one of furry pals who luvs some extra food, so get your human to send away for these asap! Yum, yum!!

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It’s that time of year again… the waters are warm and doggies are swimming at the beaches. But warm waters bring those big, scary, WINDY storms called hurricanes. Ick.

The Amazing Woo blog - Prepare your pets for hurricane season
When I was little there was a tropical storm that hung around our house for three days! It was sooooo windy I thought I’d be a Woo-in-the-Wind! So I belly crawled it to the very edge of the patio and pee’d laying down. There was no way I was risking gettin’ tossed around in that storm. My momma still loves to tell that story to everyone… I really wish she’d let it go. I was tiny, what did she expect me to do?

Anyhow, the National Hurricane Center has released a basic plan and checklist that all pet parents should read. Mostly common sense but even humans need reminders sometimes.

The main thing to remember here peeps is DON’T let your pet parents leave you home alone! There were SO many lost pooches, kitties, ponies, birds, even turtles after the 2004 Florida storms and then again in 2005 with Katrina. Cram yourself in their suitcase if you have to! Make sure your feathered or tiny furry cousins have small travel cages, bring your blankies for snuggling, you can even get your own backpack to help carry your food stash!

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Wooooo!!! In honor of today being National Kids and Pets Day, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul has teamed up with me, “the Amazing Woo”, to offer a giveaway for a $20 Petco gift card!

Enter the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul gift card giveaway on The Amazing Woo pet blog

When my momma was growing up, she always had lots of pets- and of course she still does. She says every one of her critters has taught her to love and respect animals, responsibility and even helped her earn money (my mom used to show and train horses professionally!). She’s had all sorts of fish, hamsters, a guinea pig, several horses, snakes, flocks of birds, lizards, hoppin’ frogs, many breeds of pooches, aquatic turtles, kitty cats, and even a hedgehog.

With all those animals, you can see that my mom puts a lot of love and attention into our care. She feeds us the best stuff she can buy!

Mom says “I fed my hedgehog Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover’s Soul for her entire life. I’m convinced this high-quality food, and the excellent nutrition it provided Captain Aubrey was one of the reasons she lived such a long, healthy life!”

My mom believes pets are a very important part of a child’s life, and like most people these days- she has to watch every penny she spends. So when Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul offered to sponsor this giveaway, we both jumped for joy. Well, actually mom jumped and I ran around “wooo’ing” in happiness. Anyhow, now you have the chance to try this wonderful dog or cat food by winning a $20 Petco gift card!

To enter just tell me about your pets in the comments section below! Do you have cats, dogs, hamsters, fishies, tweety-types? Names, colors, funny habits, whatever and however much you’d like to share! And if you have kids, feel free to explain why you think it’s important for your children to have critters of their own!

The Rules: One (1) winner will be chosen randomly from the qualified entrants and will receive a $20 gift card from Petco, as detailed above.  To qualify for entry, you must follow the entry rules as outlined in this post. This giveaway is open to residents of the USA only. Please enter only once; duplicate entries will be detected and discarded. Entry deadline is May 10, 2010 at midnight USA ET. The winner will be chosen via and will be announced here on and contacted via email. *Please note that I will never share your email address with anyone! I only use your email address to contact you if you are a winner (read Amazing Woo’s full privacy policy). However, if you do not enter a valid email address, you will be disqualified. Please DO NOT post your email address in the comment body.

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Happy National Kids n’ Pets Day and good luck to all my pup pals out there!!

FTC Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul. All opinions in this article are based on my own personal experience and were not influenced by any source. I received no compensation for this article. Feel free to read Amazing Woo’s disclosure policy for more information.

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Just a few special offers for Amazing Woo readers!

Try munching on some new Nature’s Select Dog Food using their free sample!

For the UK Woo-readers, you can request a free sample of White’s Premium doggy food!

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Mom tells me it’s still WAY too early to tell if this little dude is my niece or nephew, but I’m gonna call him a he just to make this woo-lessly easy (which is how I roll).

Male and female blue Pacific Parrotlet's breeding

This is Triton & Io, umm... making babies...

Before I forget, he’s a Pacific Parrotlet. His parents are both Blue mutations (splits to something else, but I dunno what that means, Mom’ll explain soon, I ‘spose). Pacific Parrotlets (they’re also called Celestial Parrotlets which is why ours are all named after Moons) are not lovebirds contrary to popular belief. They are actually in the same family as the big Amazon grays and are true parrots.

Pacific Parrotlet female sitting on her clutch of eggs in a nestbox

Io, the mom, sitting on her clutch of eight (8!!) eggs.

Gettin’ down to the new baby business… this little dude was born at 3:32am this morning. He woke my momma immediately with these little scratchy, breathy “meeps”. I’m honestly not sure how the heck she heard them, but she started bouncing around in the bed… so of course, I *had* to wake up. Grrr…

She waited until this morning to check on him, since she normally doesn’t go peeping into the nest box at o’dark thirty (eh hmmm… MOM: That’s when most “normal” people, doggies and even birdies are snoozing…).

And there next to the clutch of seven other eggs, was a little pink blob. With dark black blobby spots for eyes. Completely bald. Ugly lil duckling, in my opinion. I’m sure I was MUCH cuter when I was born!

First baby born from Blue Pacific Parrotlet clutch of eight 8 eggs

There's the less than 1-day-old little baby - see that pink blob to the right? Ewww...

My Momma knew the first egg would hatch soon since it was laid back on March 5th… she writes the oddest things down in that journal of hers… sheesh.

So far Momma birdie (her name’s Io) and Triton (that’s Daddy) are being super parents to my future niece/nephew. Triton eats, regurgitates the food to Io (ick), who then regurgitates the food to the baby (double ICK!). My momma has had them on a special diet since they started showing signs of wanting to breed at the start of 2010.

Triton and Io, parent Pacific Parrotlets - breeding pair

The proud parents - Triton & Io - Blue Pacific Parrotlets

She says every day they get:

  • Fresh supply of cuttle bone for calcium to make healthy eggshells
  • A dish of Quiko’s Egg Food – breeding birdies need loads of protein
  • A dish full of Petamine – a vitamin and seed supplement
  • A fresh and cleaned dish full of water, twice a day
  • And lots of quality bird seed and pellet mix
  • Plus a dish of veggies and fruits (I get some of those two if they are okay for my tummy): Pasta, cooked beans, peas, carrots, sprouts, grapes, papaya, and whatever else we have in the fridge/freezer.

Now they are also on a special “soft food” to help them feed the babies better. Mom has promised me she’ll write an article herself about all the specifics of that, the care, incubation times in case there are any scientifically minded Woo readers out there. All I know is it took her HOURS this morning to get it all the food ready!

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