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I’m calling all my fellow furry pals… pooches and kitties alike. This time WE can make a difference by helping to clean up the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

How can we do this without opposable thumbs? It’s actually simple, painless, and free. You gotta tell your human pets to gather up all your shedded hair! Yup. All those fur-bunnies we leave laying around the house can now be put to good use!

Nonprofit organization Matter of Trust creates hair mats out of pet hair to clean up the Gulf Oil Spill

Matter of Trust, a non-profit organization is going to use our fur to weave hair mats which will then be used to soak up oil that is spreading rapidly across the gulf. It’s already affecting hundreds of sea turtles, oysters, fish, and many many more of our fellow creatures. This is gonna affect our environment for years to come. Did you know they are still cleaning up after the Valdez spill off the coast of Alaska? And that was back in 1989!!

So get to collectin’ your fur balls, my furry friends!! And be sure to put the word out via the kitty-comms, or the pup-phones, to whoever ya can!

To find out where to mail your fur and for more info on using the hairmats to clean up the oil spill, visit Matter of Trust’s website. I also want to thank Charleston’s Low Country Paws for helping to get the word out!

P.S. Our humans can help too, by donating nylon stockings and their own hair!

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

Wanna meet me in person? If you’re in the Charleston, South Carolina area, I’m gonna be wooin’ it up at the Low Country Paws Pet Expo! Come on out on Saturday September 26. The Expo runs from 11am to 4pm – my Mom and I will be there allllll day. She’s doing something called “volunteering”. Dunno what that means, but she seems to feel good about it.

Charleston Low Country Paws Pet Expo

While we live in Florida, we’ve driving up to visit my Mom’s sister (and my girlfriend, Mia!!!!!) for the weekend to help out at the Expo. I’m gonna get to meet a LOT of doggies! And Mom is even making me a special shirt for the event that has my blog address on it. She says I need to “advertise my blog”. Huh. Whatever… I just like writing and wooing.

Back to the Expo. There’ll be LOADS of pet centered activities, companies, plus a whole bunch of rescue groups. You can bring a donation to help support these groups or even adopt a new doggie! Remember, rescues make the best buddies. We’ve seen life on the other side, so when we get our furever home, we’re very appreciative!

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

My online pup pal Ty from Puppy on a Roomba, has a really sweet mommy (her name’s Carleen) who is running is some crazy thing called a marathon. But the good part is it’s all for charity! She’s trying to raise $600 to benefit PAWS Chicago.

Fundraiser for PAWS Chicago Marathon

Tailess Ty says…

“PAWS Chicago is a large no-kill animal shelter in the city of Chicago. So they help animals like the Molly (she’s Ty’s sister), who used to live in a shelter, get homes. PAWS also has a spay and neuter clinic and a feral cat spay and release program.”

Being a rescue pup myself, I can vouch for the fact that we all need a place to call our own. My mom says she’s very thankful for me and that she could gimme a good life (and lots of Nilla wafers… have y’all had those? They are some of the best doggie treats! And mommy eats them too, isn’t that kinda weird?). Anyhow, she’s a sucker for the charity stuff.


Can you resist Ty's begging? Donate now please!!

I’m hoping my fans and fellow Woo’ers out there will donate. Plus if you’re a blogger like me, or a business, and you donate $10 or more, Ty’s mommy has some REALLY cool ways that she’ll help promote your business and advertise. So you get some benefits too!

Here’s the links you need: Find out how to sponsor Ty’s mom in the upcoming PAWS Chicago Marathon -and- if you’re a blogger or business and interested in the promotion you get for your donations, visit Carleen’s Charity Fundraising page.

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo