Be Pet-pared for hurricane season

July 5, 2010

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It’s that time of year again… the waters are warm and doggies are swimming at the beaches. But warm waters bring those big, scary, WINDY storms called hurricanes. Ick.

The Amazing Woo blog - Prepare your pets for hurricane season
When I was little there was a tropical storm that hung around our house for three days! It was sooooo windy I thought I’d be a Woo-in-the-Wind! So I belly crawled it to the very edge of the patio and pee’d laying down. There was no way I was risking gettin’ tossed around in that storm. My momma still loves to tell that story to everyone… I really wish she’d let it go. I was tiny, what did she expect me to do?

Anyhow, the National Hurricane Center has released a basic plan and checklist that all pet parents should read. Mostly common sense but even humans need reminders sometimes.

The main thing to remember here peeps is DON’T let your pet parents leave you home alone! There were SO many lost pooches, kitties, ponies, birds, even turtles after the 2004 Florida storms and then again in 2005 with Katrina. Cram yourself in their suitcase if you have to! Make sure your feathered or tiny furry cousins have small travel cages, bring your blankies for snuggling, you can even get your own backpack to help carry your food stash!

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