All About Baby Parrotlets

Pacific Blue Parrotlet babies for sale

Pacific Parrotlets are from the Amazon parrot family, and frequently referred to as Pocket Parrots or Celestial Parrotlets. They are not parakeets or lovebirds; but small parrots. They chirp quietly making them perfect for close neighborhood houses or apartments; can learn to talk; and ride around on your shoulder or in your pocket. As with all birds, they need a varied diet of seed and pellet mix, fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains.

Since I am a hobby breeder, I have plenty of time to dedicate to my parent birds and the babies. My babies are well-socialized: they are used to being handled daily, other pets, and normal household noises (such as TV, music, vacuuming).

The more time you spend with your Parrotlet, the better pet you’re going to have. They can truly become a member of the family!

Update as of 2014, I no longer breed Parrotlets.  Due to personal medical issues, I had to stop this enjoyable hobby.

Feeding Parrotlets:  I recommend a well-balanced and wide range of foods.  I feed my Parrotlets a mix of high quality seeds and pellets; plus a daily dish of fruits and veggies.  Sometimes I cook the veggies, sometimes I feed them raw.  My guys seem to love peas, carrots, banana, berries, corn and sweet potato.  I also include some variety of egg each week – hard boiled or scrambled.  Petamine supplement, from your local pet store, is also fantastic for its health benefits!  I just dust a bit over their seed/pellet mix a few times per week.  If you decide to breed your Parrotlets, they should be offered constant, free access to an egg food supplement.  This is also very beneficial if you have a female Parrotlet who tends to lay eggs for you.  Egg food helps create strong shells – or for the non-breeder female who lays eggs, it helps her lay whole eggs without breaking inside her or causing a vitamin deficiency in her body.

If you have questions about Parrotlet care, please use the Contact Form to get in touch with me.

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