About The Amazing Woo

Let’s get the formal introductions out of the way first. My name is Wilfred Orville Olivera, but my pals call me Woo. Well… unless I’m in trouble, then my Momma calls me by my full name. Ruh-roh.
I also have lots of nicknames- Willie, Tunes, Wooey, WooTube, Tunes, Munchkin, Will, WooeyTube, Woodle, and Woodini.

I’m a mixed breed doggy. As far as my mom has deciphered, I’m part Catahoula and part Pittbull.

I don’t remember too much about my first few months of my life. They were tough. I was left in a boarded up house in downtown St. Louis, Missouri with no water or food, and five fully grown dogs. After about a week, someone realized us dogs were inside; because after that St. Louis Stray Rescue came and got us all out. They cleaned us all up (my first bath! Ick… I still don’t like being THAT clean!), and then I had lots of visits to a really nice vet. Dr. Goman is still my favorite vet… even though he pricked me with needles and made my foster mom feed me yucky stuff on my food (some stuff called wormer and pro-biotics). All I know is it was very nice to have people petting me, and feeding me everyday!

About the Amazing Woo - Woo tells his story of being rescued and how he started a pet blog Me in awkward-pup-stage. I was all-head!

A few weeks later, my foster mom took me to a big store where St. Louis Stray Rescue was having an “Adoption Day”. I met loads of cool doggies there – some with stories sadder than mine. We all got to wear these green bandannas around our necks- although I was so tiny that mine fit more like a blanket! I was a 3-month old puppy with a too-big head. It was an odd day because I kept hearing people say “he’s so cute, but we can’t take home a dog that has so much pitbull in him.” I wondered what part of me was this thing called “pitbull” and how I could disguise it. Although no one was really catching my eye anyway.

Finally she came in. I just knew this lady was supposed to be my forever momma. She held me in her lap, took me for walks around the store, and filled out a bunch of paper. Then she walked me outside, wrapped me in a blanket, and tucked me into her car. I was going to my new home!!

Willie Woo, author of the The Amazing Woo pet and dog blog My first day in my new home!

Momma says I’m 6 years old, but frozen at 6 months. She calls me her “perma-puppy”! I have the bestest pet-parent ever! She works from home so I always get to see her, and when she’s feeling bad I snuggle up on her feet. I’ve got a gazillion toys, yummy food, go on road trips to fun places. We watch movies together, she made me my own spiffy collar, and doesn’t even mind my silliness!

Me and my momma, Bionic Beauty, watching a Star Trek together Me and my mom watching a Star Trek together!

See, I love to give hugs. I reach up to her tummy with my front paws and she bends down so I can hug her. I chase lights, lasers and shadows daily; and luv toys that make funny noises. But sometimes I think I really scare my momma. ‘Cause when I escape from my backyard, she has to hunt me down. And she’s always crying when she finds me. I guess I should stop trying to be a Houdini (that’s why one of my nicknames is Woodini).

In May 2009, I started blogging. Momma came into the living room one day when she had set her laptop down and I put my paws on the keyboard. Before I knew it, I had sent my first Twitter message! So mom helped me setup and start my own blog. This way I can share interviews with my best pet pals, help promote charity events, and educate pet-parents about how to take care of all sorts of animals (my momma is a vet technician, an engineer, a website/graphics designer, and a writer- so she’s dang smart.). My momma’s had pets since she was only 4 years old – everything from freshwater shrimps, all sorts of fish (we have a Betta named Jasper now), a hedgehog, guinea pigs, rabbits, lots of dogs and cats, horses, hamsters, reptiles, and many more!

One goal my mom and I have is to help people understand that American Pitbulls and pitty/bully mixes are not all bad. In fact, Pittbulls have the highest rating from the AKC’s Companion Dog tests.

Some myths about Pittbulls:

  • We don’t have extra genes to make us crazy,
  • We don’t have Superman strength jaws,
  • Our brains don’t keep growing during our life – which makes us “crazy”
  • And we don’t hurt people more than other breeds. It’s actually just hype and media that blame most dog bites on Pittbulls in general. Those press people should really do their homework!

Anyhow, I really hope you enjoy following my adventures and the Tails from the Woo-side! Drop me a line sometime: I really like getting emails from other critters, fan mail, and furbaby parents!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out my Momma’s blogs too: Bionic Beauty and Bionic Style!

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo