Stay comfy my friends…

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

My Momma has many, many hobbies. One of them happens to be hunting wascally wabbits
I mean she hunts freebies. For her beeyoutee blog, Bionic Beauty (it’s not nearly as cool as MY blog!). Her latest Freebie Hunting Expedition rounded up tons of tasty treats for us furry types.
And that means…
Dogs & kitties across America have a whole new reason to chase the mail man!
We are waiting for the free doggie treat samples. Pleaseeee! Luv, Sylvia & Woo

  • Friskies will mail your human a coupon redeemable for a free can of Tasty Treasures cat food with Real Bacon. I’m thinking even dawgs would be up for this type of cat chow. Evvverrrrybody loves bacon!!
  • Twice a week, my momma treats us to warm, homemade soup stock drizzled over our food. TASTY! Thanks to Purina, felines can nab a free pack of Fancy Feast’s Broths with Chicken. Hint: Click on the white fuzzball on the right side of the page to request your bowl of yum.
  • Seven favorite kitty-cat flavors in one dish? You betcha! The free Friskies 7 sample is packed with chicken, beef, turkey, salmon, tuna, shrimp and cheese.
  • As a young pup, I ended up in a not-so-great situation. When I got rescued, my tummy was also in a not-so-great situation. My momma and Dr. Goman (THE most awesome vet in the world!) put me on FortiFlora. It is something called a Probiotic which Dr. Goman said would help put good microbuggies in my tummy to get rid of the bad stuff and balance my system out. It didn’t even taste bad! Wooo! And now, you can get a freebie sample of 5 FortiFlora packets to see if it works for you.
  • Peoples know Rachael Ray – us cats & dogs know Ms. Rachael too! She doesn’t have samples right now, but your 2-legged parent can get all sorts of dollar saving coupons… Yum-o!
  • Make sure you sign up for the free sample of California Carrots. This is an all-natural supplement which helps us doggies digest our regular food, gives us a whollop o’ vitamins, & fiber. Now I won’t have an excuse to snack on mom’s herb garden… drat!
  • Snag a coupon for a free half-pound trial bag of Petcurean’s “Now Fresh” or “Go!” doggie or cat food. Don’t miss their handy Petcurean pet food – store locator.

One final note to my pooch and puddy-tat pals,
If you have a sensitive tummy, or find out you can’t eat the treats that you stalked the mail man for… please donate ’em to you local animal shelter. Every little bit helps. Trust me.

Never stop waggin’,

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

My bestie Sylvia is the toughest pooch I know – but even bad ass gals have their weaknesses. Sylvia’s is thunder. One boom and she’s splitsville to No Man’s Land. That usually means my momma & da find her Cave Doggin’ (which is the perfectly dog sized nook at the bottom of our linen closet). But today’s storms were so outrageous she went seeking a fortified bunker!

Sylvia hiding under the bed during a thunderstorm

Momma finally found her flattened and squished under the BED… She didn’t come out for HOURS.
I was SOOOooo durn bored without her around to pester! Maybe I’ll buy her some of those fancy, shmancy noise cancelin’ headphones for Christmas…

Any other pup pals out there go into hidey-hole mode during thunderboomers? Where’s your secret cave?

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo


Happy hedgie day, fellow four-paws!

Did ya know in most other parts of the Earth the 2-leggers call today Hedgehog Day?
But nooooo.
Not here in this USofA.

Long ago some nutballs in the Northeast decided to give all the fame and glory of weather predictin’ to a groundhog.
Named Phil.
Who names a groundhog Phil??? Poor dude. His parents must’ve hated him.

Well whatever his name is, he better make sure it warms up. I’m sick of this deep- Hoth-winter stuff!

Stay bionic y’all,

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo

No longer will us pooches be left aside when the two-leggers break out the ketchup and mustard at pic-a-nics! My momma spotted these silly sauces at the local Walmart: Petchup and Muttstard!

Petchup and Muttstard - condiments for dog food

Are they yummy and Woo-approved? Who knows. My mommma went to the store and all I got was this photo. Hurrumpff.

If you’ve tried these, I’d love to know if they tasty. Or not. That way I can bug my mom for some! Or not.

Puppy Kisses from the Amazing Woo